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How VIT and DEECD hide paedophiles in Melbourne schools -- By Carmel White, Head of DEECD Conduct and Ethics.

My name is Carmel White, I work as the Head of Conduct and Ethics for the Department of Education and place myself on committees at the VIT, to ensure, DEECD is not made accountable, for our illegal decisions against teachers.

We essentially act as puppets for principals and hide any serious issues in the department, the biggest employer in the Southern Hemisphere, except for the few cases, where teachers don't have union membership or complain about our illegal actions- we personally attack those easy targets..
We act without accountability, so we can do whatever we want against the law, as no one brings us to account.

For example in 2007, a teacher at Vermont Secondary College, the junior school coordinator, Andrew Doyle, admitted in front of several teachers, that he went to sex clubs with students at Vermont Secondary College. A teacher Alf Hickey informed principal  Rod Williamson and we had to hide the matter, because DEECD and Vermont Secondary College can't be seen to have paedophiles in it, so we targeted Alf Hickey with false accusations with a group of four principals and tried to make him out to be a lunatic, making out he was delusional, about rejecting false allegations that we concocted. Fortunately our destabilising him made him homeless and our ban made it impossible for him to get work, so he could not afford representation and we made him so desperate that he became suicidal while living in his car.

We omitted the required information about recourse so he would not know how to take the matter to review. We managed to create memory loss in him, by pressuring him with false allegations, religious vilification and attacks through our various agents. We destabilised him to the point that he started exhibiting personality fragmentation, we were able to control him like a robot, with our boundless power without any accountability.

Luckily no students have complained about Andrew Doyle's paedophile activities, or any junior students become pregnant yet (that we are aware of) - We know Doyle made the admission, but wanted to keep it at that.

In 2007, I placed myself in the VIT investigating committee, we keep changing its name to hide which committee made past decisions, PPCC, DPC, etc. So I was able to target Alf Hickey at VIT, without the required investigation, required before we take action against a teacher by law.  I then rejected the investigators report and VIT legal's report which showed the applicant was innocent, and forwarded the matter to formal hearing, placing Terry Hayes as the Panel Chairperson. We distorted and invented some vague unclear allegations, and invented sources which did not exist, and gagged Alf Hickey and any documents at the school, so he couldn't make a case against our false accusations. I placed my brother in law as the barrister for VIT, to ensure that an ethical lawyer would not refuse on conscience the false claims we were imposing to discredit Hickey's complaint regarding the paedophile Doyle.

We managed to get Andrew Bolt to label Alf Hickey "The Hoon teacher," to hide the paedophilia in Victorian schools, we even made Andrew Bolt's brother Peter, The Secretary of the Department of Education, as a big family package to oppress Alf Hickey, Bolt didn't even interview him. Because we have unlimited money and power, we can abuse public funds against the public and the public think we're legitimate.

Together with a number of government departments, we successfully targeted Independent and Catholic schools through the government enquiry into paedophilia. We did this to distract from the fact that there are many paedeophiles in DEECD, which we need to hide for the sake of protecting the reputation of secular schools and the secular teaching profession.

We had to suppress facts, from a VIT hearing in 2008, where Vermont Secondary College principal Rodney Williamson, admitted to not investigating reports of Andrew Doyle making paedophiliac admissions, as this would show that DEECD placed students, in current serious danger from this principal generally, being the then Whitehorse Area Leader for our Eastern Region, placing students across Melbourne at serious risk of sexual activity with teachers. He was one of our big guns and we couldn't be seen to be condoning paedophiles through our schools in the Eastern Suburbs, as we were, authorising it to be some Thai haven for Williamson's paedophile principals and coordinators. We have promoted many such principals to Parliament, in the past.

We weren't counting on Alf Hickey being so resilient though. The principals guaranteed us that he was an easy target and would probably kill himself. But while we have attempted to cause  ongoing psychological damage, we couldn't reduce his performance as a teacher. We had to lie about it in the end. He had some evidence enough to expose some of our lies, including our false contract, made by Tony Jacobs and his school manager at the school. We didn't count on him picking up the legal record, exposed our lie that he was late on the first day in 2007, when he wasn't.

We concocted allegations with VIT, and ways with my brother in law Barrister Eugene White, on how to defame and discredit Alf. So far our false determination has worked and most people are convinced that Alf Hickey was a useless teacher in 2007, before and after.

We decided that the risk of students being sexually attacked was less than associating DEECD with paedophilia that we had failed to act on. We decided that despite the applicant being probably the most proven teacher in Victoria, safe and of great character, and the most qualified and expert in his areas, being design and technology, and caring and effective with students that we could hide and misrepresent this and get away with it, for who would believe him over me and our power. We essentially dictate Parliament to do what we want.

I made parliament change the law, so our illegal decisions couldn't be reversed easily.
We have managed to get him de registered and get VIT to support me, rather than good teachers and actual standards. So now he has no chance of ever working again and Andrew Doyle, Rod Williamson and myself can by omission promote DEECD schools harbouring paedophiles under Government consent and authority.

I just don't get why Alf hasn't killed himself yet, like all those doctors in sham peer review in the USA. We were advised that suicide is normative, with cross institutional bullying to the degree that we have placed on him. But we need to break his resilience that has persevered for 8 years now. We have all the public money to do it and no one can stop us. We're like the atheist ISIS in Australia. I feel untouchable.

Recently through VIT we gained interactive access with the Police LEAP database, making us very close with the Police, so we know when they are honing in on our Paedophilia in Government schools and can misdirect the Police. We also used them, to target the applicant, as he wont give up against us. We created two police incidents with the Police, so he now has to fight three cases, caused by us. We managed to destroy his family, marriage, career and by public lies he cant work anywhere in the world. A school in Pakistan attacked by terrorists even rejected him from working there.

We have made inroads into VCAT too. One of Alf's enemies from the past who got him expelled from a school, is a divisional Head at VCAT, a person who himself was a known gay groomer of students at the school, where Alf studied as a kid. This teacher got Alf kicked out when his friend told him about what the teacher said to students and hanged out at certain clubs with them this way. So we use paedophile networks to hide paedophilia in The Department of Education. We have found ways to control VCAT through our various agents, so that his reviews haven't been heard for 7 years. I was aghast at the level of control our department has, through public funding and crown immunity. We have made it so a person's submissions aren't even seen and mail can even be controlled, so he does not receive orders, which we then use as attacks in applications against him.

I hope this guide helps you to continue your bullying, its so easy. We managed to get rid of the other teachers, who witnessed the paedophiliac admissions at the school too, but that is another story.
Feel free to have a coffee with me at any time as we work together for mutual gain with free access to the public purse strings.

I still have my VIT registration and can never lose it, so untouchable.

Regards Carmel White, Head of DEECD Conduct and Ethics.

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